Integrated legal practice management

Subscription features: end to end matter management, dynamic matter dashboard, cloud documents with seamless Office 365, email and Outlook calendar integration and workflow funtionality PLUS .ALL accounting and business reporting features (matter file register, trust and controlled monies and office accounting (three reconcilable accounts), time capture tools (including for mobile devices), safe custody register, billing and invoicing, and email user support and online help library)

From $140 per month* - up to 3 users at no extra cost.

Your integrated practice management subscription includes:

Trust & law office accounting

Matter file database, trust and controlled monies ledgers, and law office accounting (with three reconciliable bank accounts), matter fees and costs billing recordkeeping and professional invoicing, click and tick trust reconciliation, office bank transaction import, financial reporting, safe custody and other practice registers and more.

Dynamic matter dashboard

Everything matter related at your fingertips. Matter financial summary, workflow, document and email filing to indvidual matters, document templating, auto-fill, version control and secure sharing, Complete chronological matter history -  including emails and SMS messages, documents, billing, invoicing, ledgers (trust, controlled monies and debtors),

Compliance, accounting & performance reports

Trust account statutory month-end reports, Work in Progress, matter and staff billling reports, BAS and business financial reports and more.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 

Designed for mobile workstyles with a seamless interface to Microsoft Office, without third party Apps or Plugins. Move effortlessly from desktop to cloud applications such as Outlook and calendars within the matter dashboard. Automated login through Microsoft synchronisation and multi-factor security.

Billing and invoicing

Comprehensive time and work activity recording - save emails and time directly to billing and matter history, auto-time clocks or timesheet import function.  Invoices styles for fixed fee / lump sum, itemised and 'but say', Client statement footers, Easily email or SMS invoices for faster client payment.

Powerful cloud documents

Create document templates using in-house or third-party precedents for auto-fill and faster document preparation, Secure cloud document management including version control and comprehensive search. All document files reside in a private cloud storage account and remain accessible, even when you are not connected to cabenet.

Matter Workflows

Build matter workflow for each type of legal matter, with embedded work templates. View and update workflow from any mobile device through Outlook integration. Assign tasks to team members, collaborate on documents and monitor matter WIP and billing from anywhere,

Expertise and user support

Local help team, email helpdesk for quick response to your questions and a comprehensive online help library.
Any system updates for new compliance or more advanced features are immediately available, without upgrade or additional cost.

Small firm

$ 140
per month ex. GST.
  • For up to 3 users
  • Level 1 data storage
  • No minimum period

Medium firm

$ 280
per month ex. GST.
  • For up to 9 users 
  • Level 2 data storage
  • No minimum period

Large firm

$ 560
per month ex. GST.
  • For up to 18 users
  • Unlimited data storage
  • No minimum period

Growth firm

$ Ask 
  • Customised user number and private cloud storage
  • 1 year commitment