Trust & law office accounting

Subscription features: matter database and file register, certified trust and controlled monies and office accounting (three reconcilable accounts), auto-time capture tools (including for mobile devices), safe custody register, billing and invoicing, email user support and online help library.

From $70 per month* - up to 3 users at no extra cost.

Your trust and law office accounting subscription includes...

Trust accounting

Trust and controlled monies ledgers, statutory deposit calculator and ledger, trust to office transfers, property settlement calculator, simple trust reconciliation and statutory month-end report package.

Law office accounting

Three reconciliable business bank accounts, customisable chart of accounts, easy bank transaction file import, intelligent transaction allocation to GL accounts, all BAS and financial reports.

Compliance & accounting reports

Trust account statutory month-end reports, Work in Progress, matter and staff billling reports, BAS and financial report suite (cashbooks, sales journal, net movement, etc).

Practice registers

Law firm compliance registers - matter files, safe custody, investment and power registers.

Auto-time tools, billing & invoicing

Comprehensive time and work activity recordkeeping - time clocks, timesheet import.  Lump sum and itemised invoice styles, client notice compliance footers, Easy email or SMS invoices for faster client payment. Billing reports - matter, staff and practice.

Setup assistance & User support

Local help team, email helpdesk and online training and help library. We handhold you through the setup and do the first bank reconciliations to ensure accounting conversion is correct for ongoing compliance.
All updates for new compliance requirements or technology changes are immediately available, without upgrade or additional cost.

Small firm

$ 70
per month, ex.GST
  • Up to 3 users
  • Level 1 data storage
  • No minimum period

Medium firm

$ 140
per month, ex. GST
  • Up to 9 users
  • Level 2 data storage
  • No minimum period

Large firm

$ 280
per month ex. GST
  • Up to 18 users
  • Unlimited data storage
  • No minimum period

Growth firm

$ Ask
  • More than 19 users 
  • Private cloud storage
  • 1 year commitment