"Definitely implement it into your practice. Unlike the "other brands" that supply software etc., cabenet doesn’t continually charge for updates and new modules etc. It is extremely good value for money." 5+ Solicitors, NSW.

"cabenet is a reliable and simple to manage management system and the back up support is very good." 1-5 Solicitors, NSW.

"The ease of use of cabenet and I am convinced with e-conveyancing a lot of conveyancers need your services. Our experience has exceeded expectations, the product is leaps and bounds ahead of other providers. We have found the service and product very reliable - with exceptional after sales support, second-to-none that I have dealt with in the last 10 years." Conveyancing Practice, Victoria. 

"It is well worth trying, as it is easy to use and cost effective and you don't have the added cost and hassle of MYOB, I have recommended cabenet to a number of people." Sole practitioner, NSW

“We’ve always found cabenet so helpful and generous with advice.” Sole Practitioner, NSW. 

"I would highly recommend it. The Program is fast and cost effective." 1-5 Solicitors, NSW 

What clients like most...

“World No. 1 support people (seriously, I really mean it).” Sole practitioner Vic

“Ease of use and reliability… you are very efficient in your email responses.” 5 solicitor firm, NSW

“It works well for me - cost effective, easy to use for matters, transactions and reports. The support is excellent and personal.” Sole practitioner, Qld

"It is well suited to what we need, easy to use and cost effective and now with importing of disbursements items, this makes it more efficient.” Sole Practitioner, NSW 

"Everything plus prompt response to queries." Sole Practitioner, NSW

"Ability to raise invoices on the spot, rather than have to send them off to Finance. Practice with 5 Solicitors, NSW.

"Makes me feel secure in our management of the trust account, as it alerts me if I miss recording something." 5 Solicitors, NSW.

“It's far cheaper and easier to use. It's more practical than Leap.” Sole practitioner, NSW

"I like the importation of bank files. Generally, the real value is everyone (admin & lawyers) is on the same system. 5+ Solicitors, NSW

"Flexibility which allows system to be accessed from multiple sign-ins and away from office." Sole Practitioner, NSW

"Ease of use and accuracy. Help manual is very good." Barrister/Solicitor, NSW

"Trust Account and Billing Program (being able to monitor what each solicitor at this firm is billing with ease). Practice with 5 Solicitors, NSW

"All requirements of the NSWLS are complied with simply, by proper use of the cabenet trust accounting system, particularly the month end reports.” Sole Practitioner, NSW

"It is an online solution with automatic data backup and updating and has easy reconciliation procedures at the end of the month." Sole Practitioner, NSW.

"The two things that have stood out - the excellent customer service (the response time has been consistently short) and the ease and speed of the billing system (it is very simple to bill, with the software writing up the bill. The ability to get the system to send the bill in an email saves a lot of time" Ben, NSW.

'The ease of access to check client’s details and trust account balances. The way the system is accepted by the Law Society auditors and adheres to the regulations." Michelle, NSW. 

Professional Compliance Support

“Get it. Now. Best trust accounting software I have ever used.” Solicitor, NSW

“Your support made our job much easier. I’m not sure how we would have dealt with all of the controlled money without you.” Anthony, NSW.

"cabenet has been a life saver for me, due to it being such an easy to operate system. During the last Trust Audit the Accountant (Auditor) noted frequently that he is very impressed by the simplicity and efficiency of my Accounting program (cabenet)...Other plusses are the fact that one need not outsource the bookkeeping and entering data is quick and easy once you get the hang of it." Sole Practitioner, WA.

“I had my first Law Society audit today of my trust account and I passed. He said I was in the top 5%, which was very good for my first year. I just wanted to thank you all for your assistance and for being so patient with me I really appreciate it.” Catherine, NSW.

"I just went through my first trust investigation/audit by the Qld law society, which thanks to you was pretty much, event free. I basically passed with flying colours. I was in quite a bind when I first contacted you (cabenet)..., so thank you once again for making what is a stressful part of my practice simple and easy." Sole Practitioner, Qld.

. "I am a big fan of cabenet and believe that like the legal system itself the earlier computer trust accounting systems overly complicated it all on purpose. I am really cheering you guys on. There are a lot of solicitors out there struggling with their trust accounting." Carolyn, NSW.

"Our first QLS report was that: "The Trust Account Investigation (compliance review) of the trust account records has revealed that the accounting records have been generally maintained by the law practice in accordance with the legislative provisions and good trust accounting practices. Thanks, cabenet." Robert, Qld.

“EDO NSW is very grateful for this support you have given us.” Environmental Defenders