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External Examination - ToolBox 2021 Registration


2020-2021 External Examiner's ToolBox.


Your Law Practice 2021 External Examination Reports must be completed by 31 May 2021. This ToolBox is designed to assist Law Practices and External Examiners in the preparation of the Examination report for an individual law practice. When you have completed the ToolBox questions you must separately prepare and lodge the Part A, Part B, and EE report online via the NSW Law Society website.

You will be able to return to the ToolBox data at the conclusion of EE report submission to review your ToolBox if required.

How to use the ToolBox.

If you are a Law Practice you should complete Section 1 COMPLIANT SOFTWARE and Section 2 INTERVIEW.

If yoy are an External Examiner you should begin with Section 1 COMPLIANT SOFTWARE and then complete each section of the ToolBox sequentially.

As you work through the ToolBox the presentation of subsequent sections / questions may be filtered based on your prior responses to ensure only relevant information is completed for each law practice.

Your question responses will be auto-saved as they are entered. However, when you have completed all sections and questions please click the save working papers button to ensure the latest responses to all sections and questions in the ToolBox are stored online. You should then proceed with preparation and submission of the EE report for the law practice.

Print your completed ToolBox

To retain a copy of the completed ToolBox as part of your working papers, click the working paper display button. Use your web browser print options to print to your local printer or as a PDF document.